Monday, November 26, 2007

Anjali's Bali Adventure Day 2

Dey 2 in Bali was very long. We decided, as Granpa wanted to understand the Balinese Hindu culture and Husband wanted to see the oldest temple in Bali, and I was generally interested, to visit the Besakih temple.

The temple was very beautiful. lots of steps, set amidst the mountains, very nice scenary, impressive architecture. But the drive was very long. We amused ourselves, both by Anjali's exclamations, and by seeing the Balinese people, dressed in their traditional best for their Saraswati festival.

At the temple, Granma and Granpa were bemused by several things - of how people kept seeing them and exclaiming, with a lot of respect that they were from India, of how everyone went into the temples with their shoes on, the Balinese way of using rice instead of saffron. We took part (All of us, including Anjali) in their religious ceremony, (Granpa insisted on removing his shoes) and that was nice.

Da family at the bottom of Besakih temple (See the sarongs, the Sarong story is a good one, but its not for this blog)

Da family at the (kind of) top of Besakih temple, 1000 metres above ground in front of the souvenir shops

Husband, who doesnt care much for souvenirs (unless it is huge statues), taking Anjali to see the scenery

We discovered that there was a prettier temple at the top of where the guide took us and decided to go there

And it ended up as the most beautiful temple, and we could see the top of the Agung mountain from there (though, regretfully, there are no pictures)

Anjali nursed on top of Besakih temple, and fell asleep on my shoulders on the way down. She was probably tired, but that didnt stop her from waking up the minute we got in the car. Everyone was tired, but Anjali just had to stay in the car seat and play. I let Husband take charge of her car seat explorations, while myself fell asleep (on the floor of the car).

We passed some rice fields, which in themselves are a sight to behold although most of us were far too tired to move out of tha car and for historical record, this is the place where Granma barfed.

Off we went to the bat caves where Granma had a wonderful time giving bindis to Balinese children and Anjali had her first ocean experience with black volcanic sand.

Granpa Curic wanted to take off his pants and jump into the pristiing sea water, but Granma Curic wouldnt hear of it (No one else was bathing in that beach). In the end, Granpa Curic, as well as husband, had to contend themselves with putting their feet in water.

I had a very good time videoing husband as he tried to put his shoes on without getting his feet full of sand.

And then he tried to dunk me in water and got water in his shoes anyway, so the above video is redundant.

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