Friday, November 16, 2007

Anjali's Bali adventure: Day 1

This is going to be a long post, so I am dividing it into several small parts with a lot of photos. This is tutu's first trip out of Singapore, and so it has significant historical value. I had, earlier, put up a lot of individual stories, and will be linking to them, but felt it would be better to give a whole picture.

Day one began in the evening, to the airport, on the flight and finally to the villa. As I had written earlier, Anjali fell asleep just before take off, but woke up in the plane. She didnt cry on the way to Bali, but was very curious, as usual, about everything in the plane. She was especially amused by the table on the front seat and kept trying to open and play with it.

Through the customs, Anjali and I got through fast, not needing a visa. But it took the rest of the group a while to get their visas and come through. I bundled tutu in her carrier and she stayed quiet and good "cuminte" as granma Curic puts it.

I was surprised that she stayed awake all the trip to the villa, a good one and a half hours, and braved the rain, under an umbrella, to reach the villa. And she was awake and curious about the villa all the way until about midnight, when she finally fell asleep.

Coming up... photos of Anjali and Da family with flower garlands at the Bali airport.

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