Monday, October 15, 2007

Teaching Anjali to love nature

Well, the plan to teach Anjali about nature was to bring her to the botanical and orchid gardens over the weekend. However, plans didnt go according to schedule. The temple concert on Saturday meant that we goot home at 10.30 last night and Anjali had to be put to bed.

Husband tried several methods to wake me up on Sunday morning, the least dramatic of which was to sit Anjali on my tummy and sprinkle water over both of us. They didnt work too well as I went right back to sleep. "Picnic!!" he kept saying, while I turned over and buried my face in my pillow.

Finally, we set off around noon. No sooner had we set off that I remembered that we didnt yet have a bed f0r husband's parents to sleep in when they come to visit two weeks from now. Detour, we said, and lets pass by a furniture shop.

Well, we couldnt find a suitable sofa bed (and husband was fixed on a sofa bed, since it was a guest room bed). So we went all the way shopping.

It was too late after that to go to the botanical gardens, so we decided to get the sofa and go home.

And tutu's nature study turned out to be a set of wooden toys, which she chose herself, from daiso and ikea. (She does prefer wood to plastic, and it is safer)

And Anjali can pretend that the wooden coaster is a flute.

*sigh* Maybe we can make the park next weekend.

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