Thursday, October 4, 2007


Yesterday, after almost three months since she turned on her belly, Anjali started to swim forward. She has been swimming on her bottom (extremely fast) for the past three months.

Yesterday at lunch, she swam almost 2 meters, after my lunch box (which I refused to let her hold because of a lot of pepper in it)

Last night Granpa was building towers for Anjali. She made a very nice game of knocking towers of blocks as he built them.

My mum says that if she takes after me she wont swim for very long, apparently i swam for a couple of weeks and them tried to crawl. Let's see, she's her own person.

It was a very emotional thing to see her swim forward. I had tears of laughter in my eyes as I saw her make those first movements towards my lunch box.

Now we cant do anything at all when she is awake. Before we used to be able to do some work while keeping an eye on her if she was on her belly. When she was on her back this was not possible since she literally flies on her back.

Now, once she starts swimming forward, one of us better stay with her all the time.

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