Friday, October 5, 2007

The path towards crawling is full of mini milestones

As Anjali grows older, everyday brings new milestones and I can hardly keep up with the flood of events that seem to require recording. At times I am afrid that I will miss the events or wait till too late and she will stop doing the thing before I get a picture or video.

Crawling is such an important milestone, but it took place in so many small steps, it was as though she has been working towards it since she was born.

we first put her on her belly when she was two weeks old. This is when she was a month old, and on her belly. Look how different her face looks from normal, said my mom.

As she grew older, we made it a habit to put her a bit on her belly after her massage. Husband even "taught" her to turn, much to granpa's chargin (More on husband's theories in a later blog). Granpa's theory is that babies should do things of their own accord.

My theory is somewhere in the middle of husband's and granpa's but we are digressing here...

When Anjali was just abotu three months old, she began to turn to her side. This was my favorite picture for a very long time, her eyes look so big!!

She turned on her bely whenshe was about 3 months and a week old, staying for a few minutes at a time.

And then longer and longer...

And this is my current favorite picture, just a couple of days ago.

However, when she started bottom shuffling, and started going at it for such a long time, and at such a great speed, I was worried that she may bypass crawling. Last week, she went at the bottom shuffling so fast.. and while I was happy that she was so mobile, and very proud of her acheivement, I had still had a secret desire to see her crawl.

Finally the desire was fulfilled, just a day before her 6th month birthday. Here is a video. Now she can crawl very fast. Not as fast as she bottom jumps, but she is getting there. (The sad thing is that she is slowing stopping the bottom jumping. I am glad that I took the above video though.

Today she crawled for about 15 minutes. She just needs some incentives for crawling. Not for long though. the day will come when she will crawl because of an intrinsic motivation, as will a day come when she will walk for the same reason, and talk and work and learn.

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