Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A happy baby

Anjali is generally a happy baby. Laughter and smiles are as integral a part of her as are learning, love and curiosity.

It was therefore surprising and upsetting for us when she cried a lot last evening and Monday evening. It took us a while to figure out why this was so. It was all mysterious. She used to be very delighted when i arrived home from work, but start crying as soon as I started feeding her solids. With a bit of entertainment, including dances by granma, daddy and granpa, however, she fiinished her solids.

Fed and watered, we put her down to play. However, no sooner had her head touched the floor that she began to cry in earnest. We picked her up and took her downstairs for a walk. However, she began to cry again after we got back. It was all very mysterious.

Then husband hit the nail on the head.

"Did you come back for lunch today?" he asked.

"No." I replied. "Anjali is growing big and I should break off the habit myself. I havent been back since Monday."

"Come back for lunch." he said. "Atleast every two days or so."

So it was settled. I went back for lunch this afternoon. And met a very happy, playfull piglet that, once she saw me, began to smile and laugh and kick and bottom jump, all at once. It was extremely funny.

And when in the middle of her welcome, I received a phone call and sat a bit away from her to answer it, she turned on her belly and crawled toward me.

All through the afternoon, the bundle of tricks tried to crawl up my lap.

The joys of being a mother...

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