Monday, October 8, 2007

Fatherly love

(At kiddy palace)
Daddy: I really like this baby cot, we must get something like this for Anjali
Mummy: She'll never sleep on it, she's too happy sleeping in our bed
Daddy: But I really like it
Mummy: Buy it then, and you sleep in it. That way there will be more room for me and Anjali in the big bed
Daddy: You think you are so funny

(At Mothercare)
Daddy: let's get this pillow for her stroller. That way she wont lean on the side and spoil her spine

(On the way to the pool with Anjali in her carrier)
Daddy: I really must invent a new kind of carrier for men, or get some Tae kwan do pants

Daddy's favorite lines
"She is so Shweet" (Looking at Anjali) "You are sho Shweet. Do you know that you are teh Shweetest girl in the world? Yesh Shir."

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