Friday, October 5, 2007

The baby in organza

We had Anjali wear a very pretty organza dress for her 6th month birthday. Anjali looked like a princess in the dress.

She must have been fairly fascinated also, because she first started eating the organza

And then started crying when she realized that our intention was not to let her eat it.

We then took a lot of photos... with daddy, in her favorite daddy position

With mummy, cuddled up, but still wanting to look at the world...

With grandma, who is singing to make her smile...

Granpa was in veda class and so he just ate the cake an hour later. We couldnt wait since Anjali had to be in bed.

And then we all sang happy birthday. Anjali was very fascinated by the cake. She blew the candles (well, with a bit of help from us) and then cut the cake.

Although at some point of time, she decided that she had not had enough of the cake and decided to make another grab for it, getting her hands full of cream. That was fun. Look at the video carefully. If you dont look hard enough, you may miss the moment.

The organza had, by this time gotten rather stuffy, so we took it off and Anjali went back to her favorite outfit, and within minutes, was happily eating her mat.

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