Monday, October 8, 2007

Anjali's weekend out

In preparation for Bali when husband's parents arrive in November, we are trying to keep Anjali out for long periods of time. This includes taking her out for several hours, taking her solids out with us and such things.

This weekend was the first of many day excursions, although we are careful to keep our excursions within reach of a taxi, in case of emergency.

We began the weekend with a trip to the swimming pool, followed by rehersal at the temple, a birthday party in the park and a talk at the center. Anjali was very active the whole time. She swam like a fish, bounced all over granpa's legs at the temple, didnt have a choice but to stay in her stroller in the park (there were many ants there) and in the center crawled all over the floor, amusing everone. Sashi uncle told me that he had taken a lot of photos of her crawling at the center. I will put them up soon.

When we came home, she was completely tired out, but still played a bit after eating her solids (vanilla and carrots). She has really discovered crawling and moves like a real caterpillar. Mostly she chases after stuff, not her toys, but things like spoons, my bangles, plates and bowls when everyone around her is eating.

Sunday was another full day, the first time we took her out for more than 10 hours consequtively. We began by going to Sashi uncle's house for brunch. Anjali was an instant hit.

She doesnt like much to be picked up and joggled, and when Jayalakshmi aunty gave her a pinch on her cheek, she gave her such an outraged look before bursting into tears. Incidentally Meenakshi and the rest of the kids pinch my cheeks a lot these days. Their excuse is that they cant pinch Anjali's cheeks and therefore are pinching mine.

However, after a while the crowd got to her, and she got a bit annoyed by the carrying and joggling, so I left her with husband on the living room with a plate and a spoon. Anjali was fascinated by the spoon. Seemed to think that it was some sort of caterpillar and enjoyed flicking it and chasing after it.

Dhana took her then, and showed her some fish in the garden. Anjali ate some watermelon and grapes in the comfort of the garden (that girl knows a luxurious life!)

We took her then to the art museum, where we realized that our daughter was a very good music critique.

She had something to say about every painting in the gallery, that is, until she got tired and then decided to fall asleep in my shoulder.

Incidentally, the tie that I am using on her is the hip cross carry. I love it. and I think Anjali does too, even more than she loves her carrier. The tie is simple. The only thing is that Anjali is fast outgrowing my duppattas.

This is a modified baby in my arm hip cross carry. I found the instructions somewhere on the web, but forgot the link. I prefer doing the wrapping while holding her, it makes her understand that I am doing something for her.

I start off by holding Anjali on my left shoulder and then putting my shawl over my right. I bring the back end of the shawl around my back and tuck it under Anjali's left leg. Then I bring the front end of the shawl over Anjali's bottom and tuck it under her right leg. I bring both the free ends together and tie them around my waist.

But like I said, Anjali is growing a bit big for my dupattas, so I am bugging my mom for one of her thicker sarees so that i can tear it up to use as a carrier. Gosh!! I love this girl. And looking at the photo above makes me love her more and more.

Anyway, to continue the story of Anjali's adventurous weekend, she fell asleep and we continued our foray in the arts museum. when she woke up, we went into Coffee Bean to have a drink and got a couple of hillarious videos of Anjali trying to drink coffee.

The next part of our adventure took us to marina Square, to Mother care and kiddy palace, where we got some new Anjali supplies, and laughed at some very ridiculos baby items, like a bathtub cum changing mat (who uses those stuff?). It even had special compartments for holding diapers. I guess the intention is good, but why on earth?

I remember having a conversation with my mom about getting Anjali a high chair. My mom said "Dont clutter the house. You eat fine, and you never had a high chair." I guess a lot of things that we seem to think are essential for the baby are not really essential. Like bouncers and high chairs and playpens and strollers. Think about it, the women in philippines carry their babies all day tied to their backs when they are harvesting. They donot have strollers - just a piece of cloth does the job!

I guess changing mat cum bathtubs fall under the house cluttering category as well, as do baby cots.

We took the train back home in time to give Anjali her solids (pumpkin and vanilla). She amused herself on the train ride by hiding behind garfield.

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