Monday, October 22, 2007

Anjali's real nature study lesson

After the last attempt at nature study got botched by the sofa bed , We decided to take her to the botanical gardens yesterday.

Anjali is a class act. The nice thing about babies, and especially Anjali, is how easily they are delighted and surprised. Some babies show their surprise by laughing and squaling, but our Anjali speaks with her eyes. A lift of the eyebrow, a crinkle of the corner. I can see a laugh coming in her eyes. I always know when she is going to stop breastfeeing and look at me to smile, just as I always know, even before she reaches out her hands, that she is going to grab for the spoon. I know when my girl is going to drop everything she is doing to chase after a plate, and when she is going to start crying. Not by her actions or words, but just by looking at her eyes.

In some rare occasions however, Anjali shows her pleasure by speaking. The first time this happened in a Buddha temple, the second time at the art museum. The little girl got very vocal when we entered the park, but after a while subsides into silent, wide eyed wonder, looking left and right.

She was very fascinated by the fish in the water, and the dogs in the path, following their movement until they went out of her field of vision.

It was my long standing wish to put Anjali on the grass on a towel. However, after last week's attempt, I forgot to bring a towel to put her on the ground, and so put her in a saree. And guess what she did? She flipped over, and didnt like atall the poky sensation of the mowed up grass. So she started crying very hard. We picked her up, gave her a cuddle and put her again in grass. This time was better. She was inquisitive, oh yes, and she didnt cry. Nor would she put her hand on the grass. Even when her toy was put just out of her reach.

"I want my toy, but I wont move" was her message. Well, we picked her up after a while, but I will be trying the grass thing again sometime soon.

A grassy meadow and two cute girls
And a cute daddy!
The cutest girl exploring her grassy bed

And looking all around to find the source of water that makes the noise
Acting very surprised about something.

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