Monday, September 10, 2007

Sick weekend at home

It looks like I caught a real nasty bacteria somewhere. I lost my voice last Monday and over the week went through a spectrum of symptoms from bad cough to fever to running nose and everything. The first thing the doctor said, though was to stop giving Anjali milk - you'll pass the germs to your daughter. So we advice you to squeeze out the milk and throw away.

So the tutu had to drink formula. And as a result started expelling dark green colors from her hind quarters. Well, that put me to research on the web, since we didnt know whether it was the solids or the formula, or whether it was good or bad. turns out it is because formula has iron and ironed babies expel green stuff. whatever :)

The longshot of it is that husband got the cold as well from me. was running is nose all through the weekend. So Anjali had to contend with not being picked up and cuddled as often (though I went back to breastfeeding her after the fever went down). She was fine during the day, did her bottom shuffling thing all day and cruised the house. Played a bit of piano too. I got the video here as promised. Isnt she a genius?

But at night when i took her to bed and after she had had her drink, she turned on the other side and started sobbing, heartbreakingly. So I cuddled up to her (bacteria banish) said shhhh and all and then she turned around, drank and drifted off to sleep.


  1. Your doctor was absolutely WRONG!!! You pass on antibodies to your baby, which will help them fight the same germs if they happen to catch your cold. Your baby can't catch a cold virus through breastmilk.

    Find a new doctor!! And don't stop breastfeeding if you are sick!!!

    Shame on that doctor for telling you that!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment. I realized that too, once I did a bit of research on the net. so lost only a day of breast feeding. She's back on the breast and absolutely happy :)


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