Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Second trip to a restaurant

The first time we took Tutu to a restaurant was on June 23rd on Mom's birthday. She spent 10 minutes quietly and then started crying a lot and needed to be carried around. All of us finished the pizza very fast and ran back home. but then, she was less than three months old.

One week later Adi and I took her to pastamania. It was a bit better. She was quiet until the food arrived, after which she began to bawl.

for Adi's birthday dinner, we took tutu to lingtze. My dad is rather fond of the restaurant and he makes it a point to book a dinner atleast once a year. This time was surprisingly good. Perhaps because she was older and got a chance to sit up in her stroller and because she got entertained quite a bit.

there was table dancing, jumping up and down, a lot of sitting and blabbing before she finally settled to sleep like a little piglet.

Incidentally, the table dancing photo is supposed to be for blackmailing her with when she is bigger :)

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