Friday, September 7, 2007

Idli Baby

Recently I have taken to calling her idli Baby. Husband asked why - my reply was that she is so soft and so white... just like an idli.

Now she has taken to chewing on her feet whenever it takes her fancy. Very interested in her feet.

Yesterday, the bottom shuffler found her way under the sofa. Very fascinated she was too to explore the sofa. First she reached her hands to touch the edge of the sofa and then used her legs to explore. Had to get husband to check for splinters.

She was so happy when I started to talk to her yesterday after two days. poor kid thought that mommy didnt want to talk to her (truth was that mummy had gotten a flu and didnt want to pass germs to her. She had to sleep with grandma and drink bottled milk at night.

But there is no one under the sun who is sweeter than anjali. And no one in the world who is cleverer. she plays the keyboard so well. I should get a video and put it up.

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