Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Milestones, birthdays and such

Anjali did two milestones today. First sheshowed, for the first time, her arms to me when I called to her. She did this, not once, but twice. from my mother's arms, to mine. (And she refused to go back to my mother's arms afterwards so there you are! )

The second thing that she did was to pull the plastic paper stuck to the bottom of the kitchen stool. It took her a good ten minutes of concentrated fiddling (it was stuck proper), but she got it out and I was able to remove it just two seconds AFTER she put it in her mouth.

And now she is going after the powder box which eludes her grasp and slides away. Lets see if she gets it.

With Anjali's sixth birthday coming up, it is time to post her third birthday celebration and cake video that husband's parents sent from Buzau (Alfred, the cameraman).


She got the powder box!!

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