Monday, September 24, 2007

Anjali's poolside adventure

Why are you bothering me so early in the morning when I am happily nibbling my toys? Isnt it enough that you put pampers on me? Now you are putting blue tiger skins around me too!!

Well, it doesnt look too bad,those arm bands are rather funny

My my, what a lot of water!! And why is daddy dunking me in water face first!! These people dont even let me turn in my bathtub!! ngaa....

Hang on!! There is a lot of potential here for exploration. Since we are here, might as well enjoy it.
Oh yes!! definite potential, especially now that the band are off... they are only good for eating anyway!!
Hey!! I can swim! Seriously. I can kick and swim and move my hands and everything.. daddy, you dont have to hold me much longer... I will swim like a fish in a few months :)

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